Plat4orm is different by design.

Unlike larger agencies that can be bogged down by red tape, approval processes, and timesheets, we focus on outcomes for our clients.

A full-service strategic communications and digital marketing agency, Plat4orm’s senior-level communications experts are dedicated to achieving qualitative and quantitative results for our clients. Formed as a fully remote firm in 2010, we have team members located from coast to coast in the U.S. and the UK. 

We believe in the value of communications

We are an extension of your business. We invest the time to understand all aspects of your business, from company growth, strategic business goals to long-term aspirations, R&D to product development, from funding rounds to market opportunity. Our purpose is to help you get to your destination.  

We focus on outcomes, not timesheets

We believe agencies are too focused on clocking billable hours and not enough on delivering results. Plat4orm works closely with each of our clients to gain a granular understanding of their goals while recognizing those goals can evolve. We believe a successful partnership is based on a shared view of priorities and how best to achieve them. 

We are pioneers in a virtual world

Plat4orm operates as a virtual agency and has done so for more than a decade. The process of working remotely and managing distributed teams is second nature to us. We have firmly established processes along with policies and procedures in place to ensure our teams are optimized to collaborate seamlessly and securely with our clients, no matter where they are. 

We have decades of experience

Plat4orm has always attracted the best talent regardless of location. We actively seek people with proven experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes, and who thrive on turning complex concepts into accessible stories. We believe everyone on our team has something to contribute, meaning team members at all levels – from associate to the CEO – are active participants on client accounts.  


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