The Plat4orm Team

At Plat4orm, teamwork is in our DNA. We are a cohesive group of experienced communications professionals who are all experts in our fields. We understand that the marketing and communications needs of clients vary considerably, so we offer a range of service delivery options, from full-service teams on retainer to project-based consultants. Whatever your requirements, our team won’t be satisfied until we get your story right and get it out to the right people.

Valerie Chan professional headshot

Valerie Chan

Founder & Principal

Nathan Jenks Headshot

David Splivalo

Managing Director, Public Relations

Jessi Adler

Director, Media & Influencer Relations

Carolyn Depko

Senior Associate, Media & Influencer Relations

Rian Smith

Associate, Media & Influencer Relations

Hazel Ramirez

Associate, Media Relations

Eric Sokolsky

Senior Director

Nathan Jenks Headshot

Nick Jones

Senior Consultant

Bob Berger

Senior Consultant

Donene Telly

Digital Marketing Specialist