The Importance of Change Management

Fostering effective organizational change in today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape is crucial to business growth and success. The ability to balance company-wide initiatives with new technologies while still adapting to market trends can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge for organizations.

Why Change Management is Mission Critical

However, when McKinsey research shows that 70% of change efforts fail due to various reasons—including employee resistance and inadequate communication—how organizations manage change can make or break company culture.

The Fundamentals of Change

The ability to enact change goes beyond a few operational adjustments; it requires a comprehensive communication strategy that employs the fundamentals of change management, explores the significance of engaging and retaining top talent, and lays the framework to enhance and transform an organization’s overall culture.

How to Employ Change Management for Operational Success

It’s essential that organizations view change management through a lens of communication to bridge the gap between leadership and employees, minimize resistance and foster a culture of collaboration. It starts with understanding:

  • What is Change Management?
  • The Role of Communication in Change Management
  • The Impact of a Strong Change Communications Plan
  • A Change Communication Framework and Best Practices

Plat4orm is making Change Management communications easier by delivering actionable insights and steps organizations can take to drive change and positive transformations.

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