A Virtual Receptionist Service Infusing AI & Data Analytics Into Office Services


Business Process Outsourcing is an archaic market that has gained steam in recent years as brands shed front and back office services so they can concentrate on their core competencies

Advancements in AI, machine learning and data analytics have further refined this industry so much so that a splinter market, called Virtual Receptionist, has formed. Smith.ai being one such brand, it along with competing firms have seen their growth catapulted during both the pandemic and the Great Resignation

Smith.ai initially engaged Plat4orm to help increase awareness of its brand and services in the legal market. With the startup catering to the legal market it needed an agency that new that space well, but it also needed one that was an expert in high-tech PR as it also services multiple industries including home services, manufacturing, automotive, etc. sales and marketing, Plat4orm implemented a PR campaign designed to generate a wave of media coverage aimed at the brand’s legal audience over the timespan of one quarter and then pursued additional markets to round out the universe of media opportunities.

The PR strategy focused on informing target audiences of not only the brand, but also advancements it was making with its AI-based and data analytics platform that was considered a game changer in its respective industry. Ultimately the goal was to grow market share and mind share with the PR program by driving a concerted media relations and content program that would drive news coverage aimed at the brand’s target audiences.


After a quick ramp up that produced nearly 30 pieces of coverage and 2 press releases in a matter of just 3 months, Plat4orm was given the green light to open up its “PR playbook” of opportunities.  In just a matter of weeks the agency generated media opportunities with leading martech and home services’ outlets including the Martech Series, SalesStar Podcast, Martech Zone, etc.

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