New Year, New Celebrations from the Plat4orm Team

As the sun set on 2021 and rose on 2022, the Plat4orm team took a few minutes to reflect on our proudest accomplishments from the last year, both personal and professional, and what we are looking forward to most in this new year. Like many of you, we’ve been busy – moving to new homes, taking on new roles at work, getting in better shape and more – and we have plenty of goals and plans for the year to come.

Valerie Chan – Founder & Principal

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021: “Building a house on a steep-slope lot and growing the agency in the midst of the Great Resignation.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “Having a robust Plat4orm team and reaching our business goals.”

David Splivalo – Managing Director, Public Relations

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021: “My proudest accomplishment in 2021 was being promoted to managing director at Plat4orm and then assisting with plans to add two more market specializations at the agency – efforts that were punctuated with a new client win in the financial services space.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “I\’m looking to move to a new residence and finally flying the friendly skies, which I didn\’t have the opportunity to do in 2021.”

Jessi Adler – Director, Media & Influencer Relations

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021:“A personal accomplishment was learning to water ski! With coaching from friends, I finally got up on the skis, stayed up and then didn’t want to quit because it was so much fun! Professionally, being promoted to director at Plat4orm was a wonderful achievement.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “Personally, I’m looking forward to traveling with my husband in our RV and surpassing 5,000 subscribers on our Trekers YouTube channel. Professionally, I’m excited to see my colleagues in person, a few for the first time ever, at conferences and company events.”

Danielle Kane – Senior Associate, Media & Influencer Relations

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021:“Personally, I’m proud that I put my health first in 2021. I really committed to morning workouts, stuck to it and stayed very active.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “Professionally, I’m looking forward to conferences and drinks with colleagues!”

Janice Park – Associate, Research & Administration

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021: “After hyping myself up for over a decade, this was the year I finally watched the extended edition of Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy. I don’t know if it was my proudest accomplishment, but it certainly felt monumental.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “Finalizing my law school application packet!”

Melanie Turnipseed – Senior Associate, Media & Influencer Relations

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021:“I survived A LOT of change! Got married to my amazing best friend and now husband, Dom; moved from Southern California to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (surviving the cross-country drive alone was something to celebrate!); and started working at Plat4orm.”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “Aside from getting to know my clients as well as my peers, I am committed to working out regularly and having an overall healthier lifestyle. I try this every year and usually make it to February or March. But, fingers crossed, 2022 will be the year I make it to…at least June.”

Rian Smith – Associate, Media & Influencer Relations

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021:“In 2021, my biggest accomplishment was starting my textile art business, Synth by Rian Smith. I got my first tufting gun in December 2019. In February 2020, I started accepting and creating custom orders and it was a shocking success. I was overwhelmed with more orders than I could physically make within the first few months. I feel proud of this because I saw something interesting, decided to try it and I ended up loving it! So, here’s your sign to try out that thing you’ve always been interested in in 2022!”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “I am looking forward to growing in my role at Plat4orm and across the board with my personal life and endeavors. I am excited to help secure our clients coverage, continue to make art after hours and overcome all obstacles that may arise. I will be gaining wisdom from all the experiences to come in 2022, and – who knows? – maybe I\’ll surprise myself as much as I did in 2021!”

Bob Berger – Senior Consultant

  • Proudest accomplishment in 2021:“I was most proud of getting vaccinated! I know, it doesn\’t seem like something very demanding, but it felt like a great contribution to keeping the people around me healthy – a great accomplishment during a pandemic!”
  • Looking forward to in 2022: “I\’m entered to compete in a 65km cross country ski race in Finland, if it doesn’t close down due to the recent surge of Covid. And this is my year to climb Half Dome in Yosemite!”

How about you? What was your favorite moment or best accomplishment of 2021? What are you excited to celebrate this year?

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