Prioritize Storytelling in 2023

As the new year peeks over the horizon, companies will continue to have conversations around their 2023 priorities. Amid these discussions, they often overlook some of the simplest, yet most important priorities.. Priorities that are often considered non-negotiable by many consumers. Of course, there are obvious ones such as providing excellent customer service or meeting financial goals to stay in business, but what about those that may be less obvious, like your company story? Behind every great company is an even better story. What many leaders fail to realize is the power in storytelling and how your employees, your customers, and even your investors will all benefit from knowing your story.

What is Your Story?

Your story is what you want to be known for. How you will position yourself and your company to the rest of the world.  What do you care about and how do you show you care? What problem are you looking to solve and what people are you hoping to hire? All these things matter to your story. Recent years have fostered an environment that allows customers and employees to remain selective. Now more than ever, customers and employees are very selective when choosing companies to work for and support. They want to ensure your values align with their own. Whether they’re looking for their dream job or in search of the perfect budgeting software or winter coat, each company’s story is a crucial factor in the decision-making process.

Every Story Needs a Conflict

By identifying the problem you solve, you are setting the stage. Everyone is always in search of the next best thing to make their lives easier. What solution does your company provide? How did you come across this problem? Tell your story from the beginning and be clear on your intentions. Your audience appreciates your vulnerability as it allows them to not only understand your decisions but relate to them as well. They want to feel as though you believe in the problem as much as they do, and your solution solves just that.

One Solution Does Not Fit All

Everyone has a “solution”, so how is yours any different? How did your perspective in identifying the problem help you to offer a solution that is different from the rest? Did you run into any issues in your journey, and how did you solve them? Did you work for a company that neglected your thoughts and ideas? Did a trusted brand let you down? Your consumers and prospective job candidates want to know how these things impacted you and how you’re different from those very instances. Offer case studies and examples of how you solved the problem. Remain accountable and offer guidance as someone who has been in the same position before. Build trust in your customers, employees, and yourself.

Believe in Your Own Story

Lastly, it’s important to believe the story you\’re telling. When you believe your own story, it’s much easier to tell it. You believe in your company, in your product, and in your call to action. Show how the current lack of a solution impacted your own story, therefore demonstrating the importance of the solution you provide.

Storytelling is more than just words on paper. It’s building a relationship with those around you. A support system that relates to and understands you as much as you do them. Employees and customers are beyond the product, they want to support something that falls similar to their beliefs. They want a brand/company/product they can trust. By neglecting your company story, you may be neglecting an entire customer group and leading yourself and your company to failure. It’s time you told your story.

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