Disrupting the Legal Service Industry for the Small Law Market


Newsletters, podcasters, speakers, and publications have been preaching the same warnings for years: “The business of law is changing.” “The billable hour is dying.” “Quality of life is replacing the partnership track.” How can smaller law firms and solopreneur attorneys prosper in this evolving legal market?


Founded by lawyers for lawyers, LAWCLERK provides a nationwide online marketplace for smaller law firms and solopreneur attorneys that are looking to augment their staff with attorneys and subject matter experts who can perform a variety of project-based tasks—such as a simple discovery response to an appellate brief to a Supreme Court writ petition.

While the concept of the gig economy is nothing new, the practice of law is significantly more regulated than other markets. Strict ethical codes of practice limit the use of freelance lawyers or other paraprofessionals. LAWCLERK is the only freelance marketplace that is designed to comply with every state’s ethical rules.


LAWCLERK approached Plat4orm PR to help increase awareness of its services across the United States. The team wanted to work with an agency that had an in-depth understanding of both the legal media market and the nuances involved in the practice and business of law.

Plat4orm PR implemented a multi-faceted campaign designed to generate excitement for LAWCLERK’s service with target audiences and address any potential ethical concerns head on. The PR strategy focused on educating the target audience about LAWCLERK’s business model and developing impactful human-interest storytelling. The goal was to shed light on why LAWCLERK’s service was a much-needed disruptor in an industry overdue for change, while showcasing individuals pursuing non-traditional legal careers who stand to benefit from the service. These included a wrongly incarcerated man turned criminal defense and civil rights attorney who had grown his one-person law firm using LAWCLERK services to support his cases, and a military spouse keeping her career on track while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate her husband’s service.


Within 12 months, LAWCLERK’s media coverage skyrocketed from 19 pieces of primarily paid media to 56 earned pieces. This represents a competitive increase in share of voice from 7% to nearly half (49%), with a steady cadence of five byline articles, editorials and/or podcasts each month. LAWCLERK was featured in Attorney at Work, Law Technology Today, Bloomberg BNA and Legaltech News, and was featured on podcasts including The Law Entrepreneur, Thinking Like a Lawyer, and the Gen Y Lawyer. The company was also ranked number one against competitors on website engagement, including time and pages visited.

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